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Air conditioning design for laboratory is one of the directions of our company. All from the bio safety hardware design, the automatic control, maintenance, validation, modification, to the construction of the consultation; and after the completion of laboratory, we provide the air conditioning standard operating procedures and training courses. We offer customers not only the tools, but also the complete solutions.


精密空调 机房精密空调

High reliability and adaptability and long service life design is designed for the operation of 365 days and 24 hours a day, meeting the requirements of the laboratory; adopted high efficient and stable Copeland scroll compressor, outdoor fan with infinite speed regulation, built-in square plaque diffuser, unit surface and components made from high strength metal material, thus ensuring the unit can operate reliably under various severe conditions.

Extra-strong grid adaptability is allowing ultra-wide input voltage, allowing voltage fluctuation range of -15% to +20%, phase-failure protection, phase-rotation detection and phase error automatic adjustment functions available.
特强的网格适应性容许超宽输入电压、容许电压波动范围从- 15%到 + 20%、断相保护、相位旋转检测和相位误差自动校正功能。

Ultra network management is equipped with standard communication interface, allowing remote on or off control of cooling unit and remote management, realizing remote alarm query and remote fault handling, is also suitable for unmanned base transceiver station, equipment room, and etc. in remote areas.

The unit with high efficient and energy-saving has big air flow and small enthalpy difference specially designed for laboratory, saving energy by 20% to 30% compared with comfortable cooling unit. More specially designed energy-saving card and economical operation mode is achieving optimum energy efficiency.