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The ideal wine cellar is on the horizon below the basement, usually the more the better. The most unfavorable wine cellar is directly underneath the roof space because it may be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The best location of wine cellar is placed in the northwest because the northwest direction is not susceptible to sunlight directly. Building the wine cellar downstairs will be better than upstairs. Selection of refrigeration equipment is mainly to stable and quiet, and there is moisture pumping function available. Some devices can even make the humidity in the room. Please be noted that the installation of interior design should have the uniform air distribution. The surrounding of wine cellar should have some spaces that heat can be discharged and fresh airflow can get into the room. Waste gas, waste water and noise for the refrigeration equipment can be discharged outside. The constructions of wine cellars are considered: constant temperature and humidity, stable, beautiful and easy classified.


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