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Computer room design must meet the requirements of application development, and it must be of high quality, high safety, on open and flexible for facing the rapid growth of the demand in the future. In our design, follow the following principles: (a) Advanced and practical: the use of advanced technology and equipment meets current demand and takes into account the future development of business. (b) Safety and reliability: the network must have high reliability for applications. (c) Flexibility and scalability: computer room must have good flexibility and expandability, can meet the needs of future business development, expand the capacity and improve the function of user quantity and quality. (d) Standard: the structure of computer room design is based on relevant international standards and national standards adhere to the principles of unified and standardized, laying the foundation for future development. (e) Management: the use of equipment should be intelligent and manageable, and it could realize centralized management control, simple room management and maintenance work, therefore, it could provide the most powerful support for its safety and reliable operation.

机房的设计必须满足当前各项需求应用,面对未来快速增长的发展需求,因此 必须是高质量的、高安全、靠灵活的、和开放的。我们在进行设计时,遵循以下设计原则:(a) 实用性和先进性:采用先进成熟的技术和设备,满足当前的需求,并兼顾未来的业务发展需求。(b) 安全可靠性:为保证各项业务应用,网络必须具有高可靠性。(c) 灵活性与可扩展性:机房必须具有良好的灵活性与扩展性,能够根据今后业务不断发展的需要,扩大设备容量和提高用户数量和质量的功能。(d) 标准化:机房系统结构设计,基于国际标准和国家颁布的有关标准,坚持统一规范的原则,为未来的发展奠定基础。(e) 可管理性:所选用的设备应具有智能化和可管理的功能,以实现先进的集中管理监控和简化机房管理人员的维护工作,从而为其机房安全、可靠的运行提供最有力的 保障。