SZHIROSSorgcn is a leading global supplier in the field of precision air-conditioning system. SZHIROSS was established in Italy. With the Internationalization of the management experience, the business all over the world, and the proficiency in developing innovative solutions, has become the global leader in the air-conditioning integrated environment. The goal of company is to sustain the social responsibility, to establish the foundation of employee orientation, and to invent the new technology. Over the past years, SZHIROSS has been focused on the progress of human civilization and the social advancement, the scientific and technical innovation, the energy saving and environmental protection, and the fashion design. In order to extend its business in Asia, Shenzhen SZHIROSS HVAC Co., Ltd. was established to manufacture SZHIROSS’s products.
SZHIROSS offers innovative humidification and temperature control systems in the air-conditioning market. It continually strives to anticipate the needs of customers allowing them to achieve superior results through tailor made solutions. This means improving our expertise in applications being technologically advanced acting with a global mindset in order to be the recognized leader. SZHIROSS wants to have a quality approach at every level: relationships, job communication, and product results. All SZHIROSS’s products are assembled carefully and tested thoroughly in our state-of-the-art, environment-friendly facility. Each and every product was tested before shipment, and we support our customers by providing a phone number, an informative website, and a commitment to excellent customer service.
In this site, we'll tell you all the details about our products, how they work, how they compare, and what you can expect from us. We'll also share our performance and test data, so that you can evaluate, select and purchase a product on your own. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or by phone. Thank you for your interest in SZHIROSS’s products.

1975 建厂
1978 生产大容量的机房专用空调
1980 生产ECOS系列机房专用空调
1990 导入先进的HIROMATIC微电脑控制系统
1994 通过ISO9001、CE认证
1999 生产HIMOD、flagship系列产品
2003 生产高精度节能S系列产品
2006 生产HPM、L、M系列产品
2007 生产E、P、Q系列产品
2010 推出全新一代所有系列产品
2014 与制造商签署OEM协议同时与冷博集团签署合作备忘录
2015 大陆制造商通过ISO9001认证
2017 深圳海洛斯集团成立

通过ISO9001:2008质量管理体系认证,证明组织有能力稳定地满足顾客和符合法律的规范要求,并透过体系的有效应用,提升客户满意度,包括系统流程的持续改进并符合顾客及对法律规范要求的保证。通过ISO14001:2009环境管理体系认证对小型到大型企业的要求。环境管理体系是一种系统性的方法,在组织内处理环境的问题。标准是基于计划 - 检查 - 执行 - 审查 - 改进的循环方式。质量管理体系和环境管理体系认证确认该公司致力于行业内最高的质量标准。