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The condensing temperature is very practical and economical design within the wet bulb temperature of 8.3 ℃, the evaporative condensing saves at least 10% power consumption compared with the cooling tower and the condenser system, and 30% power consumption compared with the air-cooled condenser system. Evaporative condenser integrates the cooling tower, the condenser, the circulating water tank, the circulating pump and the pipe. Thus it reduces the cooling tower, water circulating pump, pipe, and other equipments. It also reduces the fee of installation and processing for the cooling tower and the condenser system. Because of the high efficiency by using the evaporative cooling heat transfer mode, it can effectively reduce the area of heat transfer, number of fans, and the power for the fan motor. Evaporative condenser requires only that is about 50% windward area of the air cooling condenser.


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