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Low temperature cold storage refers to the food quickly through its maximum ice formation zone, when the average temperature reaches -18 ℃ and rapidly frozen. Changes in food can have all sorts of in the freezing process, such as physical changes (volume, thermal conductivity, specific heat, dry consumption changes), a chemical change (protein denaturation, color, and etc.), tissue changes and biological and microbiological changes and so on. Quick frozen food is to maintain the maximum nutritional value and flavor food original. That is to say, in the freezing process must ensure that the various changes of food to achieve reversible maximum.

低温冷库是指食品迅速通过其最大冰晶生成区,当平均温度达到 -18℃时而迅速冻结的方法。食品在冻结过程中会发生各种各样的变化,如物理变化(体积、导热性、比热、干耗变化等)、化学变化(蛋白质变性、色变等)、 细胞组织变化以及生物和微生物的变化等。快速冻结食品的特点是最大限度地保持了食品原有的营养价值和色香味。也就是说,在冻结过程中必须保证使食品所发生的上述各种变化达到最大的可逆性。

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