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The technical characteristics and advantages of equipment: the configuration of equipment will affect the constant temperature and humidity of the wine cellar (the best temperature: 14 ℃ ~20 ℃, relative humidity: 60% ~ 70%), and the system is quiet and no vibration. 1. International brands of scroll compressor with high efficiency and high reliability. 2. International brand of the balanced thermal expansion valve. 3. LCD with Chinese capture including complete function and convenient operation. 4. International brands of humidity, temperature sensor, and sensitive reaction. 5. International brand of electrical components. 6. Refrigeration, heating, dehumidification, and humidification functions are all in one. 7. Steel structure with high strength and durable. 8. The design has the advantages of compact structure, and beautiful appearance. Product parameters: air cooling/water cooling; temperature control range: 10-18 ℃ (adjustable, temperature control precision is ± 0.2 ℃). Humidity control range: humidity in: 40%-90% (adjustable, humidity control precision is ± 3%RH). The noise of indoor machine is less and equal than 38dBAba as well as the noise of outdoor machine is less and equal than ≤ 60dBA.

设备技术特点及优势: 设备的配置选择,都会影响酒窖内温湿度的恒定(最佳温度14℃~20℃、湿度60%~70%)范围,并且安静无声、无震动。1.国际品牌涡旋压缩机,高效率、高可靠性。2.国际品牌外平衡式热力膨胀阀,技术成熟。3.中文液晶显示器,功能齐全,操作简便。4.国际品牌湿度、温度传感器,反应灵敏。5.国际品牌电气元器件,经久耐用。6.制冷、制热、除湿、加湿功能于一体。7.钢结构形式,强度更高,牢固耐用。8.整机设计结构紧凑,外形美观、大方。产品参数:风冷型水冷型温度控制范围:10-18℃之间(可调节,温度控制精度±0.2℃)。湿度控制范围:湿度在:40%-90%之间(可调节,湿度控制精度±3%RH)。内机噪音≤38dBA, 外机噪音≤60dBA。

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