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Installing the ventilation and air conditioning system indecently controls the direction of airflow and the gradient of pressure. The system must ensure that the indoor air going through the exhaust pipe is discharged through a high efficiency filter, not from other sites or gaps in the laboratory. At the same time the system must ensure that the airflow in the laboratory is from the 'clean' areas to 'pollution' regions. Ventilation and air conditioning system is direct discharge system, and not the part of returning air system. The setting of temperature and humidity in the laboratory is appropriate in the comfort range of the human body, or according to the requirement of the field. Base on the GB 50073 - 2001 code for design of clean room, the air cleanliness for the laboratory is appropriate between level seven and level eight. Artificial lighting in the laboratory should be uniform, not dazzling, and the illumination is not less than 500lx. Air inlet shall go through three filtering stages of pre, middle, and post. The speed for the exhaust in the laboratory is not less than 12m / s.

必须安装独立的通风空调系统以控制实验室气流方向和压力梯度。该系统必须确保实验室内的空气通过排风管道经高效过滤排出,不得从实验室的其他部位或缝隙排向室外;同时确保实验室内的气流由“清洁”区域流向“污染”区域。通风空调系统为直排系统,不得采用部分回风系统。实验室内的温、湿度以控制在人体舒适范围为宜,或根据现场要求而定。实验室内的空气洁净度以GB 50073—2001《洁净厂房设计规范》中所定义的七级至八

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