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As everyone knows, the heavy load (w/m2) in computer applications is mainly caused by the increasing loads of data center racks and it finally produces heat load density which is relatively high. Because of unpredictable heavy loads, the remarkable performance of cooling system is required, at the same time occupies small space, so as provides more space for equipment in the room.


Air-Blade has the advantage of energy saving in the market of air-conditioning because the space is the same as the value.

Air-Blade是市场上最具节能性的空调。 因为空间意味着价值。

Blade series is applicable for the server (horizontal blower type) with a surrounding air inlet and split system.It can meet the needs of a new generation of computer room and server center refrigeration standard. The refrigeration density for the blade series is very high (on the surface of 0.8mm2 reaches as high as 25KW). By using the modularized design including adaptive logic system can be managed through network, and the blade series is the best partner for the architecture of blade server and high density equipment. It is the ideal refrigeration system for the telephone, internet, data center, service center, and high density of buildings.

刀片风用在服务器上(水平送风式)有一款周围进气和风分体机系统,可满足新一代计算机房和服务器中心制冷标准。具有极高的制冷密度(在0.8mm2的表面上 高达25KW)。采用模?化设计,包含自适应罗辑系统,可通过连网进行管理,是刀片服务器架构和高密度设备的最佳合作伙伴,是成为电话局、数据中心、互联 网、服务中心和高密度建筑物的理想制冷系统。

Characteristicfor Air-Blade (刀片风的特点):

Precision air inlet: Air volume can be controlled automatically according to the heat load and the needs of airflow;


Thenearest air inlet: The nearest air inlet and channelized closed system can achieve precise control of airflow;


Fan with energy saving: The distance of wind blowing is short, the air circulation resistance is small, and the power consumption of the fan isless;


Refrigeration system with energy saving: It can be matched with the channelized closed system, used to work at the high temperature environment, and is highly efficient and energy saving;


Installation easily: There is no need to install ventilation system under the ground. The cooling system is installed inside the cabinet which sucks out the rear or valve of the heat from the machine. The cold air is passed through the cooling channel and out in the front side of machine. The equipment is capable of absorbing heat from the cooling channel. The cooling facility is also applicable to update and upgrade under the existing structure of regulations.