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The solution of computer room is equipped with higher requirements for temperature and humidity control, space, and energy saving because of heat source of 35KW in the room. According to the characteristics of the space for the computer room, the selection of model is recommended as L65.

经济效益评估:(Economic Evaluation)

一、 电脑实验室需安装空调面积总计100平方米左右,发热源为30KW,且对温湿度控制、空间、节能有较高要求。依据实际情况每平米所需制冷量平均按350W计算,总需求为65KW的制冷量。

The total area is of about 100 square meters for the computer room, and the heat source is 30KW, and it requires the temperature and humidity control, space, and energy saving features. Required cooling capacity per square meter on average calculated based on the actual situation according to 350W, the total demand for cooling capacity is of 65KW.

二、 要满足该项目65KW的制冷量,需使用L65机组1套装机。

To meet the cooling capacity of 65KW, this project is needed to use one set of unit (L65).

三、 经济效益对比:传统空调满足65KW制冷量的输入功率至少为24KW左右,而L65机组1套主机的输入功率合计为10KW,主机部分省电41%,全年共计节省电费2.6万元以上。(1年运行8个月,1月运行30天,1天运行8小时,用电按11度计算)


Comparison of economic benefits: the traditional air-conditioning input power (65KW cooling capacity) is at least about 24KW, and the L65 input power per set is of 10KW. The energy saving is up to 41%. The annual saving is more than 26000 CNY. (According to 8 months per year, 30 days per month, 8 hours per day of operation, electricity by 1 CNY/1 degree calculation)

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